National Palace

The National Palace and Cathedral is the heart of the civic and social life of Mexico City. It hosts countless political and cultural events, from fairs and parades to recitals. The visit is not only a must not only for the intense activity that is in the square, but also for the buildings that surround it.

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Get to know one of the most important cultural and political spaces in all of Mexico.

National Palace

In the National Palace, Mexico has the seat of the country’s executive branch. This Palace of Mexico is located in the Plaza de la Constitución and has an area of more than 40,000 square meters.

It is one of the beautiful places in Mexico City that you can not miss for its great tourist and cultural interest.

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Currently, although there are numerous protocol acts inside, it is open for the public to be visited by the public since it is part of one of the important buildings of Mexico. Its visitors will be able to contemplate and delight in the National Gallery, Several libraries, the Room of Homage to Suarez and the parliamentary enclosure where the Act of Independence is exposed.

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