Who are we?

We are a group of federal tour guides certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, our founder Marco A. Alfaro, have worked for more than fifteen years on a transportation company leader in the country “Grupo ADO” now at this stage, as an independent entrepreneur, and with all that experience, has directed our efforts to have a new concept of tours based on flexibility and small groups, making feel to participants that they are walking in the companion of an expert friend and together will be exploring the wonders of this country.

What make us different?

All of our tours can be adjusted to your preferences, we don’t use an identical formula for all customers. We travel with small groups, to focus on their priorities, tastes, or topics of interest. When you purchase any of our tours, you will be contacted directly by the guide that will assist you in our country (without intermediaries), and will be aswering any question, even before you arrive.

Proyect Insolitours

Insólito is a word is Spanish that means awesome, outstanding, unexpected, surprising. For us, each tour is a opportunity to change some one else’s life.

Proyect’s Mission

Provide in each of our packages &unforgettable tours and amazing experiences.

Proyect’s Vision

Make all the bright sides of Mexico get spread all over the world through the stories of our clients, using technological platforms, creating a community of fans of Mexico with our tours.